Language Spa : intensive language course with total immersion - French, Dutch, German, ...  
Welcome on the site of Ecohome Language-Spa for language courses


The Ecohome-Language spa® is a unique concept to quickly learn a language and not to forget it. 

  • Residential / non-residential language trainings Total Immersion
  • 8 private lessons per day for one day only or more days or for weeks. 
  • Also in the weekend. 
  • According to your learning rhythm, availability, needs
  • 70 hours language practice per week or 14 hours per day with native tutors, 
  • Social environment with your tutors. 
  • All tutors teache mothertongue only. All have university education 


Intensive 100 % personalized 

Language trainings in 

French & English 

Dutch & German

Italian & Spanish


Our worldwide experienced and high school skilled tutors' staff with proved experience in suggestology/superlearning methods focuses with a 100 % personalized program on your professional or intercultural needs.


A typical Day at Ecohomle Language spa® 

07:00 : Smooth wake-up

07:30 : Repetition of the Key-sentences of the previous session or pre-teaching of the next session. In the six-senses EcoHome-Spa or mobile EcoCoach   

08:30 : Breakfast: Teacher accompanied, regional products

09:00 : S(t) imulation scenario with vocabulary (50 new words per day) , structural exercises,  audio-recording memo-sentences. 

10:30 : Break in the Zen-garden: Possibility to discuss in the target language with tutors and other course-participants during the coffee/teabreak.

11:00 : Real scenario implementation on your professional and everyday communication needs

Audio-recording memo-sentences.

12:00-13:30 : Quality Lunch with tutors. Enjoy regional products in the Language Spa restaurant , or Mont-Garni Golf Clubhouse.

14:00-15:30 : Situation lesson adapted to your work, business situation, free or thematic speech


Reading emails and reports

Prepare a talk/application visit/promotion-discussion

Promotional meetings, briefings etc…

Vocabulary-development on basis of an object/article 

Audio-Visual recording and feed-back 

15:30 -18.00: Break in the Language spa Six Senses, sports and leisure, golf, biking, horse-riding, waterski...

18:00-19.30: audio-visual lesson : watching the news together with vocabulary development and structural exercices. Audio-recording Key sentences. 

19:30 : Join the tutor's family at the supper-table or at restaurant. Synchronising listening and spontaneous expression. 

20:30 : Repetition and exercising in self-study or with the tutor, 

Relaxation in the Language Spa, Banya, Sauna, Hammam, Jacuzzi, Yoga/Zen meditation 

Intercultural visit or activity (film)

Social  visit or activity (guest-speakers)

Gastronomic activity

Quality room or suite  with attached bathroom, living-room, terrace 




All-in Language spa immersion week/day 

4.140 €/person/6 days from Sunday evening up toi Saturday morning or 690 €/day

First session minimum 3 consecutive days 

Full board, lodging, 8hours/day tuition within 14 hours a day coaching, all activities and materials incl. 

Mini-group: 50% reduction for second participant, same company, same target, same level simultaneously

Split: : 25% reduction for second participant, same company, same target, same level, seperately within same month


A la carte personalized language training at  

Ecohome Sirault or Call Inter Brussels & Waterloo or in-company


Tuition and pedagogical activities: 

55 €/hour person, 50 % reduction from second person onwards


Meals with the tutor: 

25 €/meal/person 


Pick-up service:

Free pick-up for our students from Jurbise/Mons/Saint-Ghislain  Railway Station

Brussels Airport or HST shuttle, Charleroi Airport: 0,5  €/km  



Ecohome : 27, rue du Longfaulx, 7332 Sirault, Belgium - e-mail: ecohome2@skynet.be
Mobiel: +32 (0)494 18 08 41


Ecohome :
27, Rue du Longfaulx
7332 Sirault - Belgium

+32 (0)494 18 08 41