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EcoLearning ® : the Anti-Fear-School


30 years ago we already were wondering why after hundred hours of language teaching in classical school system, hardly one was able to speak fearless the language he /she was supposed to know. 

Fear to miss the right but even current word at the key-moment
Fear to make himself ridiculous by a wrong pronunciation
Fear to be stuck even in a simple sentence


Since 30 years we practice with the colleagues of EcoLearning®  a language training in which you are the actor and we the coach. 


A language in his ecological,  i.e. mind-friendly environment with all the benefits of classical accelerated intensive rational language teaching but with full interactive commitment of tutor and learner in a jovial, serene atmosphere.


With Six Senses to learn with 'total mind'    

language courses

Our promise: at least one step progress on the European reference levels in 70 hours (instead of more than 120 with classical systems)  

Try it: We go for results or pay-back

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Ecohome : 27, rue du Longfaulx, 7332 Sirault, Belgium - e-mail: ecohome2@skynet.be
Mobiel: +32 (0)494 18 08 41


Ecohome :
27, Rue du Longfaulx
7332 Sirault - Belgium

+32 (0)494 18 08 41