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EcoLearning®: The way we see and do it it at EcoHome 

EcoLearning®: stands for learner's focused and concentrated  learning, according to your bio-rythm, 100% coping with your learning-profile, linguistic needs and professional expectations, in an ideal surrounding, with adapted food, leisure and resttime. Trained native speakers coach you 14 hours a day, with the necessary variety, multimedia, during 3 or more days, in one ore more stays. A special e-learningprogramme before, after or in between the residential total immersion sessions will be suggested to consolidate or extend at home, at your office the newly acquired language skills, via Internet and video skyping .

EcoLearning® : concentration + relaxation
A unique concept to quickly learn a language and not to forget it
Language-Spa & Ecohome combines 30 years experience in language-training with an approach based on a deep understanding of the psycho-paedagogical principles that underly language training; memory and listening, reading and speaking: a unique method that we term: suggestopedia or EcoLearning®: . It means learning a language just as our brain works.


"Natural learning" refers to a type of learning-on-demand where learners pursue knowledge based on their interests and language tutors take an active part in facilitating activities and experiences conducive to learning but do not rely heavily on textbooks or spend much time "teaching", looking instead for "learning moments" throughout their daily activities. Language tutors see their role as that of affirming through positive feedback and modeling the necessary skills, and the learner's role as being responsible for asking and learning.]

"Unschooling"  Also known as interest-language learning, unschooling attempts to follow opportunities as they arise in real life, through which we learn without coercion. An unschooled Eco-learner may utilize texts or classroom instruction, but these are not considered central to education. 

"Unschooling" should not be confused with "deschooling," which may be used to indicate an anti-"institutional school" philosophy, or a period or form of deprogramming for children or adults  who have previously been schooled. Both unschooling and natural learning advocates believe that we learn best by doing. The eco-learner participates with Tutors and others in learning together. Unschoolers note that psychologists have documented many differences between individuals in the way that they learn and assert that unschooling is better equipped to adapt to these differences. 


EcoLearning®: Why face to face tuition? Tuition is personal, focused and targeted to meet the individual needs of the student. The objectives of each Eco-Tutor are set by the specific needs of each individual learner. Every one of our Eco-Tutors has been selected based on their qualifications, subject knowledge and personal teaching approach. You can expect a professional, well organized caring and understanding service from any of our Eco-Tutors.  All have high school degrees in their mother tongue and an advanced knowledge of at. The benefits of face-to-face tuition on one-to-one bases have been proven in studies time and tome again during our more than 30 years teaching experience. 


EcoLearning®: Your Learning Style. People vary in their "learning styles", that is, how they acquire new information. Students have different learning needs. In a traditional school setting, teachers almost never evaluate an individual student differently than other students, and while teachers often use different methods, this is sometimes haphazard and not always with regard to an individual student. At Ecohome we work out with you in a one-hour face-to-face need and learning style analyses, on the spot or by video conference call and send you by mail a full report and program suggestion.    


EcoLearning®:  Autonomous learning. Eco-Tutors see Eco-learners as individuals who can and should be responsible for their own learning climate. Autonomous education helps develop their self-consciousness, vision, practicality and freedom of discussion. These attributes serve to aid the student in his/her independent language learning. Your Eco-tutor is a long-term coach. Pre- and post  tuition can be provided on-site, on-line, on demand.


EcoLearning®: : S(t)imulating and real scenarios Modern pedagogical theory (whether behaviorist, cognitivist, constructivist etc. ) insists on the importance of simulating scenarios, i.e. story-boards that define several, usually sequential learning activities. (these are smaller scenarios that are combined together) in a learning environment within which the scenario happens. Scenarios will be worked out according to 3 dimensions: 1) presence - virtual  2) information - cooperation 3) instruction - learning 

Once those simulating scenario have been analyzed on new structures and vocabulary, broad activities will implement them on your real professional and communicative situations: with customers, in the office, in everyday-life, at the phone, by e-mail, in presentations  etc... 


EcoLearning®: Total Mind Memorisation Every learning process comprises several stages: registration, encoding and retrieval. In order to learn we must be able both to understand and to memorise, because without retention, learning cannot take place. Memory is not located in one specific area of the brain. In fact the activation of a single network represents a memory trail. Each memory is stored as a different trail. Since those signle networks are interconnected, the co-activation of surrounding networks explains why some memories are inextricably linked to others and all are partially activated when a specific sector of a particular network is activated. 


EcoLearning®:  Recording: we know from antiquity that repetition is the keystone to memorisation. Five repetitions have been shown to work best. All lessons will be audio or visually recorded and stocked on a USB-key or CD each student will receive at the end of a learning session, day, week.Why not repeat your French dialogue or scenario  while you are driving to your office...    


EcoLearning®: EcoHome Language spa  or ® or mobile EcoCoach®


EcoLearning®:  employs all the previously mentioned elements to enhance the teaching of a foreign language. The full procedure comprises in complete immersion welcoming hospitality, guidance on the theme of the day, learning in concert, exercises and activation, mental integration and the closing ritual. The LanguageSpa® Residential language courses offer full-board lodging with 3 to 6 classes/day language or ITC training including full day coaching at the EcoHome® Training Centre, Day or half-day sessions in your office or residence or in our EcoCoach® camper : a Multimedia training unit-on-wheels. 


EcoLearning®: Six Senses Learning

1. Eye and Vision: audio-visuals, memory cards, mind-mapping  and  syntactic symbolization. Non-verbal monitoring. Chromatic stimulation by remote-controlled dimmable LEDs.

2. Ear and Hearing: increased receptivity by suggestopedic baroque music. Ear-opening software for simultaneous listening and pronounciation on target language, rythm, tone, frequencies and the complete phoneme repertoire.

3. Nose and Olfaction: clean environnement and ayurvedic scents.

4. Tongue and Taste: catch your breath in an ecological environment with healthy adapted food at EcoHome or in nearby restaurants. One gastronimic session-closing dinner in star Restaurant.

5. Skin and Touch: relaxing muscular massage and dry stimulation on our programmable hydrojet, selected sound and light system, scents, beverages for a receptive acquisition (pre-teaching) and consolidation  (repetition of key-sentences, vocabulary  and structures) 

6. Mind and Thought: discover Stressfree Learning and enjoy our private spa behind charm of countryside. Spontaneous free speech and conversation in the language to be learned, and exercising in a jovial atmosphere during meals, breaks and social activities  with your tutors. 


Ecohome : 27, rue du Longfaulx, 7332 Sirault, Belgium - e-mail: ecohome2@skynet.be
Mobiel: +32 (0)494 18 08 41


Ecohome :
27, Rue du Longfaulx
7332 Sirault - Belgium

+32 (0)494 18 08 41